Sensirion SHT11 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Module
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SHT11 Module
WBA-TH1M Gerber
Pinout label on rear side
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Enclosure Installs

SF1 Cap Install

Customer Installs

SHT11 Prototype

SHT11 Die Closeup


Photo Gallery

WBA-TH1M Module:

WBA-TH1M Gerber Snapshot:

Pinout Label:

Package Contents:

Example Header Installs:

Enclosure Installs:

Sensor with SF1 Filter cap inside a Polycase enclosure.

WBA-TH1M Module install in light switch cover:


SF1 Cap Install (and 4 pin terminal block):

Customer Installs:

WBA-TH1M Module inside the Missouri School for the Deaf weather station

SHT11 Prototype:

SHT11 Die Closeup (click for full size)



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