Sensirion SHT11 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Module
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Sample Code:
Sensirion Sample
Parallax Basic Stamp
Parallax Propeller Object
BS2P Datalogger Project

Links to sites with info on SHT11 sensors:
History of this module
EME Systems

Code Examples and Links

Code Examples:

Sensirion Sample Code

Parallax Basic Stamp Sample Code

Parallax Basic Stamp "SHT11 Tester" Code (reading two sensors)

Parallax Propeller Object for SHT1x sensors

BS2P Datalogger Project using a JP SD module and RTC

Cypress PSoc Sample Code (, sht.c)

PIC16F628 Sample ASM Code

Basic Stamp Code -> mySQL, Flash, and PERL

Arduino Sample Code and Tips

Arduino Code


Informational Links:

Parallax forum thread that details some of the history behind the making of this module.

EME Systems. Excellent source of formula explanations, real world application, and project ideas.

Sensirion's FAQ page for the SHT1x Sensors

1-Wire SHT11 to PC project

Simple SHT11 connection to Serial port
Sadly, the zip link is dead, but it can be found on the wayback machine

1-Wire layout for SHT11 using a PIC16F628

AVR Web-server using SHT11

SHT11 Project Report with Humidity info

Parallax's Sensirion Module

Sparkfun's SHT15 breakout board


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